The Glass Factories of Cleveland and Bernhards Bay, New York

Webmaster’s Note:  The following essay was written by Andrew Henry on May 5th, 1978.  The original document found in the CHS archives did not include the citations page that originally accompanied Andrew’s paper.  However, I have kept his original citations within the text for reference.  The original document included several hand-penciled corrections.  If these corrections […]

Edward “Ned” Sherman

In 1807, Thomas Jefferson was President of the United States, slave trade was legal in most states, the American flag had 15 stars and Robert Fulton was on the verge of inventing the steamboat.  It was also the year that a black man named Edward Sherman was born in Upstate New York. It’s hard to […]

1866 – 1867 Oswego County Directory

I recently came across a hard copy of Child’s Oswego County Business Directory for 1866-1867.  I’ve transcribed the references to Bernhard’s Bay, Cleveland and Constantia for inclusion in the CHS archive.  The excerpts with page references are noted below. —- gmsc Child’s Gazetteer and Business Directory of Oswego County, N.Y. 1866-1867, Northshore Extract Index to Advertisements P.6, Claim Agents, Henry Garbor, Cleveland – p.115 P.7, Glass Works, Caswell & Company, Cleveland – p.124 P.7, Insurance Agents, Henry Garbor, Cleveland – p.115 P.7, Lawyers, Henry Garbor, Cleveland – p.115 Oswego County Officers P.9, District Attorney, William H. Baker, Constantia Post Offices and Postmasters P.10, Bernhard’s Bay, Elmore R. Crandell P.10, Cleveland, Peter Vandenberg P.10, Constantia, Henry A. Baker Publisher’s Notices: Miscellaneous Advertisers […]

The Alexandra Nowack Collection

On December 17th, we posted an original drawing of the Stone Barn by Alexandra Nowack.  Alexandra has graciously allowed us to post several other drawings of local buildings.  We’ve created an album of these images (The Alexandra Nowack Collection) on our community tree portal.  From there you’ll be able to view an individual image or […]