Reverend George H. Macnish

I’d like to thank Kathy Darrow and Jack Cottet for their contributions to this blog.  Note that many of the documents spell George’s last name as MacNish, but for the purpose of this summary, I’m using the suggested Macnish format.  Several of the reference materials can be found in our community tree. —- gmsc Being […]

More on Senecal and Ladue

The following is a synopsis of some of my research that may answer a mystery concerning two young girls with the surname Senecal. I made mention of this mystery in a recent blog titled “An Unknown Town”. —- Keith Schmidt 1840 Redwood, Jefferson County, NY In the 1840 census Anthony and Catherine Ladue have one […]

A ‘Short’ Short Story

A ‘Short’ Short Story by Keith Schmidt In the 1899 Cleveland Directory, on #1 North Street, next to the Episcopal Church is a man named S. Frank Putney, a Methodist and a glassworker. The S at the beginning of his name stands for Simeon. He is married to a woman named Mary. For both, this […]

Tree Mail from Foster Documents

Ms. M.E. Marble 1957 Warren Street Toledo Bevort Lake July 28th, 1892 My Dear Marion, We leave here this evening for St. Ignace and start for home tomorrow on the Flora.  Oh Boy!  I am 21 and your only 20, just think of it dear.  I have been feeling good for a few days and […]