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Marinus-Mereness-Morenus Family by W.F. Smith
Marinus-Mereness-Morenus Family by W.F. Smith

I received the following email from Donna Morenus Murphy of Nebraska. The book she mentions contains information on some of the Morenus ancestors in the Cleveland area.  Thank you Donna.


I wanted to tell you as I was searching on Roots Web yesterday, I found that the W.F. Smith book “Marinus-Mereness-Morenus Family” is now on line. A man, named John contacted W.F. Smith’s family and heirs and they agreed to give up copyright to the work so it can be freely distributed in the public domain. This person cleaned up and sharpened the text, as well as adding extensive bookmarks to the pdf so it can be navigated easily as an electronic text. It can also be printed, read online or downloaded. He said it does contain numerous errors and it can be expanded. He hopes someday to put together an expanded and corrected edition. I did open it up and it is wonderful!!

Free Digital Version:


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