Memories of My Life on the North Shore of Oneida Lake

One of the biggest assets to our organization is the memories of the members of our community.  Please consider participating in one or both of our community projects this winter.  The project descriptions are below.

Project: Life Memories

The purpose of this project is to record family histories and what everyday life was like for you and your family on the North Shore of Oneida Lake. Please include the time frame of your memories.  Some stories may start ten years ago and some  80 years ago. I have included some ideas of where to start and other subjects. Please feel free to use what you want and perhaps use others that I have not thought of at the moment.

At sometime, when I have several memories, I will put together a booklet, so please write or type your thoughts so that they are easily read by others. If I have enough to make a booklet, I will see that all those that were kind enough to participate will receive a copy.  Please include pictures if you like, I can return originals to you.

Project Ideas:

  • You could start out with your family history. Ex. Name, birth, parents names, include maiden name of mother, siblings, grandparents, if they were from area and other relatives with the NS connection. Please include occupations. Ex. My father worked on the O&W railroad, or had a store, etc. Please include your marriages, and family of today.
  • Tell where you lived, house, farm, apartment, street, road, who were your neighbors.
  • When I was young my playmates were, or maybe you moved here when you were older, how you met people etc. What you did for entertainment. Ex. Swimming at the dock, fishing with…etc. Do you belong to a church, organization, fire department, Masons etc?
  • Did you go to school here, if so which ones, tell something about that. Who were the teachers, what funny stories do you remember. Did you ride a bus?  What were your hobbies?
  • What other people do you remember from the community? Neighbors, post master, stores etc. What about the weather and stories of the lake, etc.

If possible, please return your memories to me by early April, 2017.

Project: House History

If these walls could talk … That’s what we’re hoping you can help us with.  We are currently compiling a listing of residential histories on the north shore.  Please consider downloading this form and assisting us with our efforts to preserve the history of the houses and the families that lived in them.

Thank you,
Kathy Darrow
675-8688, 407 St. Rt. 49, Cleveland, NY 13042


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