Tales of Oneida Lake

Jack Henke, North Country Books, Dec. 1993
Jack Henke, North Country Books, Dec. 1993

Once again, Jack Henke has compiled a collection of stories highlighting the history of and around Oneida Lake.  In Tales of Oneida Lake, the following chapters specifically focus on stories about Cleveland and it’s residents:

Vignettes of Frenchman’s Island features an article, “A Tale of Lake Oneida”, published by the Chittenango Herald, as the catalyst for a discussion about the Oneida Lake landmark.

Fred Griesmyer’s 1902 Lakeside Press story describing the history of Cleveland’s glass industry is reprinted in The History of Glass Making at Cleveland.  Fred’s accounting was written to commemorate the opening of the village’s last glass factory.  This article, along with a 2005 epilogue, can also be viewed in the blog “Cleveland’s Best Industry“.

In Rum, Romanism and Rebellion, we read about a story centered around the Sisters of the Presentation Order of Nuns.  Reference to Father Birmingham of Cleveland’s Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, as well as a 1910 photograph of the building, are noted in this chapter.

George W. Walter’s article about Cleveland resident Ned Sherman is reproduced in The Negro President.  Mr. Sherman was elected village president in 1879, one of, if not the, earliest black men to hold such a position.

Finally, a brief mention of Cleveland baseball is the topic of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.  This short chapter contains a nice picture of Cleveland’s 1890 baseball team and an August 22nd article from the Lakeside Press.

Of course many other articles grace the pages of this book, covering stories about Sylvan Beach, Brewerton, Oneida Lake and the places in between.  It is a nice compliment to other Henke titles.

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